Toot your own horn!

Hey Beautiful! What do you offer to offer? What gift do you have that the world needs?

Time and time again, the ones close to us know what we do and are capable of. But, we are sitting on the sidelines thinking that they will tell the world. Isn’t that what referrals are all about, right?

Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no. Sometimes they do but sometimes they also keep us complacent in staying at the level we are at. Because of our fear, we won’t tell the world what we have to offer. We think that our talent will fall into the right hand and we will get our big break.

Well Beautiful, that may happen but how long are we willing to wait? We can’t pray to God for growth and expansion if we are not willing to also do our part. I’m not saying take control and do it yourself but I’m saying promote what you do. Tell the world what God has gifted within you! Toot your own horn!

How else will we know what you do? Share what you do and you never know who may have been looking for what you can provide. Toot, toot!

Committed to the trial

Last year, I decided that I would pass on the vision board and focus on one word. As I prepared for 2019, I asked God for my word. I received “surrender” and “expect the unexpected”. Never would have I imagined that those words would be my journey to find out if I was really committed to God which has me asking…


What God has revealed to me is am I willing to stand no matter what? Am I willing to keep fighting when all things are breaking loose? Am I willing to keep pushing my purpose of reminding women of their beautiful when I question my own “beautiful”? Am I willing to commit to Him and His will for my life when I’m going through the trial?

And my answer is YES! Don’t get me wrong, it may be a hesitant yes because I have wondered why me. But then I’m reminded of the webinar that I presented that reminded my guests why not me.

You see, when God created us, He gave us a purpose and we will not be content doing anything else until we fulfill the assignment. Therefore, be willing to stand in the trial by:

  • Spending a moment examining any areas of your life where you’ve experienced a persistent struggle. Ask yourself have I leaned on God for the strength to endure
  • Asking yourself are you willing to embrace the need for change
  • Ask yourself how can you invite more ways to be open to the surrender
  • Ask yourself what lies beneath any unwillingness to stand
  • Acknowledging that things may not always work out as planned and letting that go

Beautiful, don’t you see.  It’s the very thing that you consistently struggle with that will be the thing that God uses to bless others.  We just have to lean into him for the strength to be committed to the end.  So, my question to you is are you committed to the trial?


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Why it matters….

As children, there wasn’t anything that we believed we couldn’t do it. We were fearless. We were so ready to conquer the world even though we didn’t have a clue on how to do that. The fact is we believed we could! And there was nothing that you could do to convince us otherwise.

As we grow up, we begin to listen to others, we let our fear set in or we just stop dreaming. No matter what happens to us that feeling of conquering the world dwindles.

But why? Why do we stop dreaming? Why do we stop believing in our capabilities?

No matter what happens, dreaming matters! We have all been created for a purpose and it’s time we get back to discovering what that is. Don’t let the expectations of others or the past fear that you had stop you from dreaming.

Get back to your childhood days of being fearless and dream! Be bold and dream again! Be bold and live in the moment. Why? Because it matters….

There is someone out there who needs to the gift you have. There is someone who needs the encouragement you give. There is someone who needs the plan you create. There is someone who is waiting for you to dream again.

We are waiting because YOU matter!

And in this corner…

One of the hardest things about pushing to pursue purpose or a goal is accepting who’s in your corner. We all know who the dream killers in our lives are.  We know that they don’t want to see you win.  And this is what we use to push into greatness as we want to prove them wrong.  However, what do you do when the lack of support comes from family and friends?  Hmm, that’s a hard reality to accept because hey they are family and friends, right?

Think about it, they never support your dreams and aspirations.  They may say that they do but their actions tell a different story.  They won’t clap for you.  They won’t cheer you to the finish line.  Yet, total strangers who you’ve connected with along your journey of purpose will cheer you on louder than them.  You see there is nothing harder than having a vision or purpose and you’re working hard towards it but feel like you’re alone in your journey!  Sometimes having no one can be harder than having a hater in your corner because at least the hater is pushing you to greatness. When you feel alone, you may lose the desire to keep moving forward.  But beautiful, you can’t let the lack of support stop you from family and friends stop you. Don’t think about the person who’s not there supporting you but focus on the person who needs you while you’re fulfilling your purpose.

Here are so reminders to keep in mind when you need to keep going and it feels like there is no support:

  1. My passion is my priority – don’t say what if so and so is not there.  Instead say, I’m following my passion and following my heart.
  2. Life is short – don’t worry about their opinions and expectations but follow your dreams
  3. People may never understand – sometimes people will try and discourage you because they understand “your” vision.  As such, they may offer unsolicited advice.  Just remember that if you are following your dream and passion then they don’t need to understand and it’s not your purpose to get them to understand.
  4. Maybe they are insecure – people may not support you because they are jealous of what you are trying to accomplish.  Because of their insecurity and jealousy, they may not support you.  Just keep going!
  5. There is plenty of possibility – the world is full of possibilities  so do you really want to listen to someone else rather than listening to yourself.  Objections from others is not your truth if you are listening to your heart.
  6. Their support is not needed – it is certainly possible to accomplish your dreams and purpose without their support. Think about what you have accomplished so far and continue taking the road less traveled.  You did it then and you will do it this time too
  7. You can’t please everyone – this is the most important remember one of them all – focus on what you want to do and why you want to do!  As long as you are doing it for you then who cares!

Remember, your life is a testimony for someone else so become your biggest cheerleader! Be the one cheering you to the finish line! Ring your own bell, toot your own horn and scream to the world all the greatness that you have within! Beautiful, you can do it and we (total strangers) are cheering you on and we are in your corner!