It’s time for fun!

Hi, Beautiful!

When is the last time that you enjoyed the moment?  When is the last time that you let go of all your fears and to-do lists and just had some fun?  I know you have goals and dreams.  I know you have worry and concern.  I know you have doubts and fears but what I do know is that fun is oh so necessary!

Earlier this week, we received about 6 inches of snow so we had plenty of stuff to shovel.  But, we also had plenty of snow to get out and play in.  Normally, I would have left the task of entertaining the kids to my husband because I had to work.  Well this time, I was intentional in enjoying the moment.  We had a snowball fight and even went tubing down the hill.

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen where I went live as they went down the hill.  Well what you didn’t see after that live was that I chose to go down the hill MYSELF.  Close your month – yes, I sure did!  And it was AMAZING!  It was amazing to get back to those childhood moments of playing and not caring about what needs to be done.  Just living life without any expectation other than FUN!  Don’t let life get in the way of living!  There is so much more to life than your to-do list, fear and worry.  Get out and LIVE!

I want to leave you with one more moment of encouragement.  As I was taking the kids to school this morning, “Get Back Up Again” by the Trolls came on and as we are listening, I really started to hear the message in the song.  It really did encourage me to keep going.  Be a kid again and listen to it and let it put a smile on your face!

Have a beautiful and fun filled weekend!  Fly beautiful butterfly, fly!

book butterfly

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Who said there’s no rest for the weary?

I get it – you’re always on the go. Thinking about that to-do list and all the tasks that need to be done but you’re burnt out. You’ve done so much for any and everyone that you have no idea how you do it all. Well beautiful, when is the last time you rested? I mean really rested in order to rejuvenate yourself or realign with your purpose?

Here are just a couple of reasons for why it’s important to rest:

    Resting allows us the opportunity to connect with God – We are able to stop and listen for our assignment or areas of change.
    Quiet time allows us to think and process – We are able to slow down and process life to fully be in it and enjoy the moment
    Resting and pausing allows us to evaluate our goals and purpose in order to see where we may need to realign. In our journey of life, we may have become out of balance and resting allows us the chance to get back into alignment
    Chance to discover or rediscover who WE are and what WE like to do. No more just going with the flow and expectations of others. We get a chance to discover US
    Resting gives us a space of creativity – We have a chance to be still and be creative in our thoughts and mind. When is the last time that you colored or put a puzzle together? Don’t you remember those childhood days of playing? Get back to those moments!

Whatever our reasons for just going with the flow, it’s always important to stop and enjoy the moment! Life moves way to fast for us to just settle with our to-do lists. Stop and give yourself permission to slow down and be still.