Trust God??? What does that really look like?

You hear it all the time – trust God!  But, have you really evaluated what that means for you? What does it look like for you to say I trust God? After reading a devotional and journaling, I thought about that question and here is what God spoke to me about what it means to trust:

  1. Trusting God means having peace no matter what – It feels like hell is breaking out around you and you have no idea on whether you are coming or going.  When you trust God, you believe that he has already worked it out so you have peace.  You must have the peace and comfort in knowing that His will is already done.   So take a deep breath, release and feel the peace!  It will be ok.  Trust God no matter what!
  2. Trusting God means relying on Him to work it out rather than you trying to control the situation – Most times we want it to go a certain way and so we try to control the situation but in doing so we may not be fully prepared for it. Therefore, we need instruction from God on how to move forward.  Waiting for further instruction is trusting God!
  3. Trusting God means speaking up when needed – What happens when you see a situation that is wrong?  Do you sit back and say I don’t want to get involved but knowing the inside of you is saying speak up? Well that feeling that you have is God saying speak up and say something against the wrong!
  4. Trusting God means closing your mouth when needed – We are so quick to say something to someone out of hurt that we don’t think before we speak. Someone may be speaking truth to you but because you are so focused on the pain of their words (because who likes to hear when we are wrong or need to make some improvements), we may not be open to receiving the truth.  Therefore, sometimes we just have to be quiet, listen and then pray to God for guidance on how to receive what they spoke.  Stop focusing on getting your point when you should be pursuing peace!
  5. Trusting God means loving despite the pain you feel – When we are hurt, we think that they don’t love you or you are not worthy.  But, they just don’t know how to love you.  They don’t know how to love you the way that God intended for you to be loved.  Just continue trusting that God will bring the love that you need because He is love and He created love.
  6. Trusting God means forgiving when they hurt you – No one ones to be hurt but it happens with life.  It’s how we handle that hurt that’s important.  We can choose to either let it distract us or we can use it to push us into purpose.  Trusting God means that you will find forgiveness for those that hurt us because God gives us all the comfort and peace that we need.
  7. Trusting God means believing when the resources lack – We all have goals but sometimes we lack the resources to accomplish those goals and so we get discouraged. However, if God has given you the purpose, He will provide the resources. We just have to trust Him and wait for him to bring it together.  We are his daughters and kings so we have access to the kingdom through our faith.  We just have to trust Him to make it happen.
  8. Trusting God means loving yourself no matter who is there to love you back – At times, our journey to purpose can be lonely.  We think we have all the support but then we realize that there is really no one there with us.  It’s just us and God.  Well, it’s during these moments when we have to trust God and toot our own horns and cheer ourselves to the finish line.  God is never far from us so we have to trust that He is all the support we need.  Be our biggest cheerleader!
  9. Trusting God means believing you are worth it – Society has set so high of an expectation for beauty that we often find ourselves trying to become someone we are not. We think we have to be a certain size or shape in order to feel accepted or worthy.  However, the expectation that Society set is based on an outward appearance that it never looks at the love within us.  God created us to be love, walk in love and give love and the moment that we stop focusing on the outward and hold onto the inward then we begin to realize the powerful worthy woman that we are.  Trusting God is accepting that you are worthy because of God’s love within you!
  10. Trusting God means walking in the beauty of who God created you to be – We all know life happens and things are never what we expect them to be.  However, it’s all apart of our journey and who makes us up.   The trials and circumstances are just things that come in order to distract you but they do not define you. They do not say you are anything other than beautiful.  So remember, you are beautiful despite your circumstance!  

No matter the situation, we have plenty of moments to trust God.  What does trusting God look like for you?