The Great “I Am”

I amHi Beautiful!  I know what you are thinking “here we go with another post about God”.  Well, He is the Great I Am!  But, today is not about him directly but about you and I.  It’s about the stories that we tell ourselves each and every day.  It’s about the thoughts that we carry with us as we are going about this thing called life.  It’s about the importance of saying what you ARE versus what you are NOT.

Yes, we all go through life and have a flood of emotions and circumstances that change our directed path.  However, none of those emotions or circumstances should EVER change how we think about ourselves.  Nothing changes our worth because God defines our worth not our circumstances.  Therefore, stop saying what you are not and start saying what you are! But, how do we do that?

Well, Beautiful, we do that through affirmations.  Affirmations help us by:

  • Causing us to become aware of our daily thoughts
  • Encouraging us to believe who we are
  • Speaking life into the atmosphere about the things we desire
  • Helping us create the reality of  what we want but only when we believe in the power behind them.  You know the “law of attraction”.  How many times have you heard think it, believe it and receive it?
  • Reminding us that we are inspiration – that’s right “You are inspiration
  • Focusing us on our goals
  • Keeping us in a constant state of gratitude

So today, create an atmosphere of self change!  Let go of the “I’m not” to the “I Am”.  Create a sense of identity by what you believe is true about you.  And become the Great I Am!

So tell me – what are your favorite affirmations?

Need a little affirmation inspiration? Get a few here.



What will it cost?

move forward

Today, I want to ask you a hard question and that is what would you do if FEAR was not an OPTION? What’s that one thing or things that you would do if you weren’t scared to move forward with it?

 The last couple of weeks I’ve been on a journey to figure out who I was when no one is watching. You see it’s easy to lean on God when you need to help someone through a situation.  It’s easy to find the right words of encouragement when a friend or loved one needs it. But, what’s hard is finding those same words when you need it for yourself!  Well, for me it is anyway because you never want to admit when I don’t have it together.

 You know we are taught to be strong, we are taught to walk in confidence, we are taught to walk in love.  But, we are not taught how to accept our emotions and all the feelings that they come with. We’re supposed to keep smiling even when it hurts.  You know “don’t wear your heart on your sleeve”.  Either way, taking time for yourself to reflect and get with God is necessary to determine who YOU are from HIS eyes not society’s eyes.  It’s through his CONNECTION that you are able to activate your faith in what He promised.

So what is that THING that you would do if fear was not an option?  Well Sis, fear is not an option.  What is an option is determining how bad you want it?  Make the decision today to move forward in faith and go after that THING that you want.  The world is waiting on you! Continue reading

What does it mean to love me?

LOVE MESo Valentine’s Day is this week and it can often leave us questioning what it means to love.  We look for candy, gifts, fancy meals and quality time when we are missing the biggest thing and that’s loving ourselves…..

What does it mean to love yourself?  What does it mean to accept yourself? If you are going to love anyone else then you need to first love yourself.  Loving yourself means:

  • Accepting yourself just as you are and accepting those parts that you can’t change
  • Accepting yourself unconditionally despite your “perceived” flaws
  • Accepting yourself despite your past choices and decisions
  • Accepting who God has called you to be rather than who others want you to be
  • Loving yourself more than you love others
  • Finding time to put yourself on the list when taking care of others
  • Showing others how to love you (research the 4 love languages for more)

Do you see where I’m going with all of this?  If you can’t accept yourself just as you are then how can you love anyone else?  You will continue to search for love from people and things if you don’t define what it means to love you and truly accept those things.  Don’t settle for anything less!

Take some time to meditate and answer these two questions:

  1. What 5 things do you love about yourself (physical, personality and lifestyle)?  Then take time to celebrate those 5 things because YOU are absolutely amazing!
  2. What 3 things don’t you love about yourself?  Then ask:
    • Why don’t I love these things?
    • What would it take to love myself FULLY despite these things?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Beautiful butterfly!  YOU are LOVED!  YOU are BEAUTIFUL!


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It’s time for fun!

Hi, Beautiful!

When is the last time that you enjoyed the moment?  When is the last time that you let go of all your fears and to-do lists and just had some fun?  I know you have goals and dreams.  I know you have worry and concern.  I know you have doubts and fears but what I do know is that fun is oh so necessary!

Earlier this week, we received about 6 inches of snow so we had plenty of stuff to shovel.  But, we also had plenty of snow to get out and play in.  Normally, I would have left the task of entertaining the kids to my husband because I had to work.  Well this time, I was intentional in enjoying the moment.  We had a snowball fight and even went tubing down the hill.

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen where I went live as they went down the hill.  Well what you didn’t see after that live was that I chose to go down the hill MYSELF.  Close your month – yes, I sure did!  And it was AMAZING!  It was amazing to get back to those childhood moments of playing and not caring about what needs to be done.  Just living life without any expectation other than FUN!  Don’t let life get in the way of living!  There is so much more to life than your to-do list, fear and worry.  Get out and LIVE!

I want to leave you with one more moment of encouragement.  As I was taking the kids to school this morning, “Get Back Up Again” by the Trolls came on and as we are listening, I really started to hear the message in the song.  It really did encourage me to keep going.  Be a kid again and listen to it and let it put a smile on your face!

Have a beautiful and fun filled weekend!  Fly beautiful butterfly, fly!

book butterfly

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New year, new you! No, be still!

What do you tell yourself when you’re out of your element? Do you shut down? Do you let the fear keep you from moving?  Or do you go with the flow because you are that free butterfly?

With all the new year resolutions we create, we can often feel overwhelmed with the thought of trying to do too many things at once. Think about it, you’re going to lose the weight, buy a new house AND start a new business. Ha, I’m overwhelmed just typing all that! Lol!

Seriously though, we make every attempt at change because it’s a new year, right?  New year, new you they say!  But, on the inside you’re scared because you are out of your element. You have SO many goals on your list but you don’t know where to begin.  And because of that, you forget the list and continue on as usual.  However, you have to keep going!  The answer is getting still and finding direction before you get going.

Earlier this week, I had that feeling of overwhelm because I have so many desires and I don’t want to be out of alignment with God’s will for my life.  So, what did I do?  I got still!  I packed up all the beads, put away all the notebooks of ideas and grabbed the journals and devotionals.  I needed guidance and the only way to do that was to get still and connect with God.  I knew that finding peace and comfort in our moments would give me the peace that I needed.  Finding the hope in Him gives us the strength and comfort to keep moving!

Don’t stop dreaming! Don’t stop creating goals and desiring more!  Just stop, get still and connect!  Allow Him to give you the steps for each goal so that you are not overwhelmed with the steps that He is asking you to take.  You got this, Beautiful!

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?  Leave a comment and encourage another beautiful butterfly!

book butterfly

Looking for more inspiration?  Check out Unbreakable Memories!

Beautiful Butterfly

book butterflyWhen God gave me the purpose that I had longed for, I had never expected the journey that he would take me. When I started out, I was creating products (shirts and cups) that inspired women to give them a little more hope.  From there, I became an author by creating a 30 day devotional “Get Back to Beautiful” to inspire women to find or rediscover their beautiful and remind them that they are beautiful despite their circumstance.

As a I was working on my book, I chose the butterfly as part of the book cover.  Little did I know, that the butterfly would come to be such a significance to me until I recently looked at the life cycle for a butterfly and it’s evolution.  That search is something that I wanted to share with you today:

  • The butterfly starts out as a caterpillar and can be seen as not having much beauty to it.  Some may see it as a flaw because it doesn’t offer much to look at.  You may be thinking – what purpose does it serve?
  • At a point, it lives in a cocoon in order to get to it’s next state in life
  • In the cocoon, it transforms into a beautiful creation full of color and life
  • The butterfly also does not have a long life span.

I’m sure you are saying what does this really all mean and what significance is Katrina talking about now but here it is:

  • Just as the caterpillar may be seen as flaws, we may often think of our trial as our flaw.  We may think that because of what we endured that we are not beautiful.
  • Just from the look of a caterpillar, you may feel that you don’t have worth or purpose because you may not have it all together.
  • Just like the caterpillar, we live in a “cocoon” within God in which our trials draw us closer to Him.  Our struggles allow us to emerge as a better person.
  • In our “cocoon”, we are undergoing of a process of embracing a new being created and loved by God
  • Just like the caterpillar, our “cocoon” in God allows us to transform and emerge as this beautiful woman.  Despite our trial and flaw, we ARE a beautiful creation.
  • Just as the butterfly as a short life span, we need to LIVE. We need to “be in the moment”.  We cannot take anything for granted.

So, do you see it now? The caterpillar and butterfly symbolizes the transformation needed in order to walk in purpose.  Just as the butterfly is created from the caterpillar, we too are created from our flaws.  However, the blessing is that God transforms those flaws into something so beautiful that He and only He truly see the beautiful nature of our being.

Therefore, I will ask you:

  • What changes are you needing to make to live more in alignment with your authentic truth?
  • What could you do to live with more joy and freedom?
  • What could you do that would light up your soul and be the guide that someone else needs?

Transcend and take flight beautiful butterfly!

book butterfly


Self-love and the need for it

Hi, Beautiful:

Have you ever thought about love and the love you need?  We are so busy taking care of others that we have limited time for us.  But, do we really have limited time or do we choose to put others first?

Self-love requires you to be honest about your current thoughts, choices in order to shift your perspective to self-worth.  It means that you stop devoting so much energy to others that you start putting your own needs first.  How can you take care of someone else if you can’t take care of you?

What ways do you show self-love?

If you haven’t find a way or need some reminders of the importance then catch the 100 days of beautiful – week of self love.

Are you ready to choose yourself even if that means upsetting others?