Get Back to Beautiful

Get Back to Beautiful will help you redefine your perception of beauty  and help you understand the importance of being beautiful not just from a physical standpoint but mental. This course will help you shift your mindset on life! You will no longer see yourself as anything less than beautiful! We will dive deeper into the things that have hindered us from recognizing our true beauty. Things such as hurt, our past, lack of self-esteem, etc which have caused us to believe that we are something other than unworthy and beautiful. We have let the pain of our past dull our light that God created us within us that we are no longer walking in our authentic self.

About the Author – Katrina M. Henderson

I know what it’s like to lose yourself while supporting others. I know what it’s like to walk in forgiveness for others and myself. I know what it’s like to feel unworthy. I know what it’s like to struggle with accepting yourself as beautiful. I thought I wasn’t the right size or shape or that I can’t measure up to someone’s expectation of beauty. But, I was only to learn that it was my own expectation that I couldn’t measure up to. When I stopped looking at the outward beauty and looked towards the beauty created within in me by God then I accepted myself as beautiful!

Now, my mission is to help inspire other women to find or rediscover their beautiful in the midst of the storm and trial! Thus, Get Back to Beautiful!

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