Dare to Dream

They say there are two roads to every journey – the easy or hard road, the high or low road. No matter which road you are choosing, we have to look at OUR WILLINGNESS to travel! Are you willing to do the work in order to make your dream come true? Are you willing to keep pushing when every obstacle gets in the way? Are you willing to do the work when no one is willing to walk the journey with you?

Dreams aren’t realized because of our fear. But here’s the thing – fear doesn’t look the same for everyone. It could look like not wanting to fail, not wanting to lose, not wanting to make mistakes, procrastination, not wanting to move because we THINK we lack the resources. No matter what YOUR fear is, you are not alone.

The key to dreaming is that we have to know when to unlock the door. We look at the door in front of us and believe that we can’t accomplish our dream because of our fear. We think that we are not equipped or unqualified. But, I’m here to tell you that if you have the dream then you have the key to accomplish it. And that key is TRUST. Use what you have in your heart and trust God enough to unlock the door. Don’t stay stuck in your comfort zone because you feel safe. Our dreams are beyond our OWN capabilities. It’s all in the strength that God provides along the journey!

And that journey is learning to grow, adjust, develop who we have been called to be! You may have two roads to choose BUT we have the master key…Trust in GOD! Today, dare to dream! Dream and get ready to live it out!

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