Remember the Source

Hey Beautiful! 
I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing.  Are you stayed prayed up during this unprecedented time?  Are you feeling overwhelmed because of the uncertainty that we are facing? 

I must be honest and say that I’ve had a moment or two of feeling overwhelmed with the current time that we are in.  I had to honestly ask myself why and sit with that answer because I needed peace.  I needed to let God know what I was experiencing so that He can give me some guidance and clarity.  So, I went to journal and was shocked at what I was writing and received.   

I realized that I was feeling overwhelmed because nothing about this situation is anything that I can control.  No matter how much you do to make the necessary preparations, there is nothing that I can do in order to make my kids or family feel like things are still normal.  There is nothing normal about your kids not being able to go to school to see their friends.  There is nothing normal about not being able to come and go when you want.  There is nothing normal about not being able to connect with family and friends. 

But, what I do know is normal is that God has everything under control!  He has us in the midst of the isolation and separation.  He has us in a season of learning to trust Him no matter what is going on in the world.  So you see, although, we don’t have life as we once knew it, we still have God and that should be enough.  When is the last time you talked to God like we would connect with family and friends?   

Today, shift your mind from isolation and separation to gratitude and give thanks for the quiet time.  Give thanks for this time to reconnect with the source.  Give thanks for still being alive and given a chance to believe in something greater than our own comforts.   

Beautiful, I love you and I am grateful for you! Find the peace within this situation and believe in something greater.  Find your beautiful despite the circumstance! 


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