Sit in Silence

Hi, Beautiful!

There is so much going in our head that we are often left trying to do anything and everything to figure it out. We cause ourselves to worry because our plan is not working and we are getting frustrated. We are looking at our life and wondering why things are not lined up with the vision. We wonder what we are doing wrong because we don’t have the success that we see and desire.

Well, have you ever wondered what it would be like to just sit and wait? What if the answer is there in front of us but because we can’t silence the chaos within or around us we can’t hear the instruction.

Instead of mapping our your ideas and plan, just sit! Sit in the silence have have the patience to wait! Trust me, I know it’s hard to be still but what other option do you have at this point? Do you want to continue stressing yourself out or do you want to release and wait?

On this Freedom Friday, sit in the silence and find the patience to wait! It’s all worth in end the end. You just have to be still.

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