The patience to wait

Hi, Beautiful!

Do you have the patience to wait? 

Too many times, we are often faced with the desire to control and figure out the situation ourselves rather than letting go and letting God handle it.  Trust me, I totally know how hard it is to let go.  I know that our lack of patience and maybe despair keep us from totally trusting because we want the answer / solution right here and right now.  However, God doesn’t work like that! He works in His perfect timing.  So, how do we find the patience to wait?

We find the patience to wait by:

  • Surrendering the need to control by focusing on God and His love for us.
  • Understanding that we are going to go through trials and obstacles in order to grow our character.
  • Praying for direction and the actions to move.
  • Being intentional in our lives by believing.
  • Starting to live with every step that we take.
  • Understanding that the trial is how we learn who we are.
  • Most importantly, understanding that the trial is how we learn who God is.

Sometimes, we can’t help but feel discouraged when we are facing a trial.  And I’m learning that discouragement is there to just show me that I’m on the right track. When the obstacles get in the way, that means we are doing something right.  Therefore, when those moments of discouragement come, pray and ask God for the strength to keep on wait and stand.  Ask him for the strength to wait until he says move.

So, what’s your plan?  When is the last time that you consulted God for THE plan?  When is the last time that you stopped trying to figure it out on your own and asked God to order your steps?  Don’t forget that he is the creator and has laid out the steps for you.  It’s just a matter of us letting go of the need to control and being still to listen for the directions.  So beautiful butterfly, how will you create the patience to wait?

book butterfly

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