The Great “I Am”

I amHi Beautiful!  I know what you are thinking “here we go with another post about God”.  Well, He is the Great I Am!  But, today is not about him directly but about you and I.  It’s about the stories that we tell ourselves each and every day.  It’s about the thoughts that we carry with us as we are going about this thing called life.  It’s about the importance of saying what you ARE versus what you are NOT.

Yes, we all go through life and have a flood of emotions and circumstances that change our directed path.  However, none of those emotions or circumstances should EVER change how we think about ourselves.  Nothing changes our worth because God defines our worth not our circumstances.  Therefore, stop saying what you are not and start saying what you are! But, how do we do that?

Well, Beautiful, we do that through affirmations.  Affirmations help us by:

  • Causing us to become aware of our daily thoughts
  • Encouraging us to believe who we are
  • Speaking life into the atmosphere about the things we desire
  • Helping us create the reality of  what we want but only when we believe in the power behind them.  You know the “law of attraction”.  How many times have you heard think it, believe it and receive it?
  • Reminding us that we are inspiration – that’s right “You are inspiration
  • Focusing us on our goals
  • Keeping us in a constant state of gratitude

So today, create an atmosphere of self change!  Let go of the “I’m not” to the “I Am”.  Create a sense of identity by what you believe is true about you.  And become the Great I Am!

So tell me – what are your favorite affirmations?

Need a little affirmation inspiration? Get a few here.



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