What will it cost?

move forward

Today, I want to ask you a hard question and that is what would you do if FEAR was not an OPTION? What’s that one thing or things that you would do if you weren’t scared to move forward with it?

 The last couple of weeks I’ve been on a journey to figure out who I was when no one is watching. You see it’s easy to lean on God when you need to help someone through a situation.  It’s easy to find the right words of encouragement when a friend or loved one needs it. But, what’s hard is finding those same words when you need it for yourself!  Well, for me it is anyway because you never want to admit when I don’t have it together.

 You know we are taught to be strong, we are taught to walk in confidence, we are taught to walk in love.  But, we are not taught how to accept our emotions and all the feelings that they come with. We’re supposed to keep smiling even when it hurts.  You know “don’t wear your heart on your sleeve”.  Either way, taking time for yourself to reflect and get with God is necessary to determine who YOU are from HIS eyes not society’s eyes.  It’s through his CONNECTION that you are able to activate your faith in what He promised.

So what is that THING that you would do if fear was not an option?  Well Sis, fear is not an option.  What is an option is determining how bad you want it?  Make the decision today to move forward in faith and go after that THING that you want.  The world is waiting on you!

 Fly beautiful butterfly!

book butterfly

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