Beautiful Butterfly

book butterflyWhen God gave me the purpose that I had longed for, I had never expected the journey that he would take me. When I started out, I was creating products (shirts and cups) that inspired women to give them a little more hope.  From there, I became an author by creating a 30 day devotional “Get Back to Beautiful” to inspire women to find or rediscover their beautiful and remind them that they are beautiful despite their circumstance.

As a I was working on my book, I chose the butterfly as part of the book cover.  Little did I know, that the butterfly would come to be such a significance to me until I recently looked at the life cycle for a butterfly and it’s evolution.  That search is something that I wanted to share with you today:

  • The butterfly starts out as a caterpillar and can be seen as not having much beauty to it.  Some may see it as a flaw because it doesn’t offer much to look at.  You may be thinking – what purpose does it serve?
  • At a point, it lives in a cocoon in order to get to it’s next state in life
  • In the cocoon, it transforms into a beautiful creation full of color and life
  • The butterfly also does not have a long life span.

I’m sure you are saying what does this really all mean and what significance is Katrina talking about now but here it is:

  • Just as the caterpillar may be seen as flaws, we may often think of our trial as our flaw.  We may think that because of what we endured that we are not beautiful.
  • Just from the look of a caterpillar, you may feel that you don’t have worth or purpose because you may not have it all together.
  • Just like the caterpillar, we live in a “cocoon” within God in which our trials draw us closer to Him.  Our struggles allow us to emerge as a better person.
  • In our “cocoon”, we are undergoing of a process of embracing a new being created and loved by God
  • Just like the caterpillar, our “cocoon” in God allows us to transform and emerge as this beautiful woman.  Despite our trial and flaw, we ARE a beautiful creation.
  • Just as the butterfly as a short life span, we need to LIVE. We need to “be in the moment”.  We cannot take anything for granted.

So, do you see it now? The caterpillar and butterfly symbolizes the transformation needed in order to walk in purpose.  Just as the butterfly is created from the caterpillar, we too are created from our flaws.  However, the blessing is that God transforms those flaws into something so beautiful that He and only He truly see the beautiful nature of our being.

Therefore, I will ask you:

  • What changes are you needing to make to live more in alignment with your authentic truth?
  • What could you do to live with more joy and freedom?
  • What could you do that would light up your soul and be the guide that someone else needs?

Transcend and take flight beautiful butterfly!

book butterfly


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