Even the strong ones need a friend!

I’m sure you never thought about this but “who encourages the encourager”?  We all have one – you know that friend that is there for you whenever you need them, that friend who will listen, pray and just be there for you no matter what.  Well, can that friend turn to you when they need support?  Or have you ever asked who they turn to?
We all have our moments of trials and challenges but at some point or another we all need someone to encourage us or just receive a hug to know that we care and that we are them for them!  You see – even the strong ones, need support!  In actuality, the strong ones probably need it more than anyone because they are always giving of themselves and don’t ask for anything in return because that’s the nature.  It’s their calling to encourage others.  But, they still need support when they are going through!  
As an encourager, I know too often what it’s like to be there for others but not really turn to people when I need a hug or an encouraging word.  I don’t know maybe I think that I can figure it out on my own.  Or maybe I just keep to my introverted self.  Who knows but I will tell you that even the strong ones need a friend!
Make an effort today to reach out to your strong friend and just ask them how they are doing.  Don’t let your schedule, duties and tasks stop you from reaching out.  You never know when the encourager needs to be encouraged!

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