Self-Improvement Month

You’ve heard it – September is about a fresh start.  Most kids have either gone back to school by now or will go back soon.  The weather should be starting to shift to cooler temperatures, depending on your area.    September is the final month of the 3rd quarter so plenty of time left to accomplish those goals.  However, September is Self-Improvement month which means all about self-care and making yourself better.

So, I’m asking how do you take care of yourself?  We give all of ourselves to others that we may often feel neglected, drained and maybe depressed.  Oh, maybe that’s just me!  You see my kids started back to school today and the last couple of days have left me exhausted.  I had no idea as to whether I was coming or going.  Everyone needed so much of me that I had nothing left for myself.  I just couldn’t do it anymore so I’m recommitting to myself this week.  I’m committed to journaling and self-reflecting on me.  I’m looking to see why I feel the way that I feel in order to get my motivation and encouragement back versus feeling like I want to get in the bed and pull the cover over my head.  I know that for the sake of my family I need time for me. So, this week is dedicated to me and me alone.  Ha my family will be just fine!

What are your tools for helping you get back on track?  I’d love to know.

Have a great beautiful filled day and Happy Self-Improvement month!

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