Why it matters….

As children, there wasn’t anything that we believed we couldn’t do it. We were fearless. We were so ready to conquer the world even though we didn’t have a clue on how to do that. The fact is we believed we could! And there was nothing that you could do to convince us otherwise.

As we grow up, we begin to listen to others, we let our fear set in or we just stop dreaming. No matter what happens to us that feeling of conquering the world dwindles.

But why? Why do we stop dreaming? Why do we stop believing in our capabilities?

No matter what happens, dreaming matters! We have all been created for a purpose and it’s time we get back to discovering what that is. Don’t let the expectations of others or the past fear that you had stop you from dreaming.

Get back to your childhood days of being fearless and dream! Be bold and dream again! Be bold and live in the moment. Why? Because it matters….

There is someone out there who needs to the gift you have. There is someone who needs the encouragement you give. There is someone who needs the plan you create. There is someone who is waiting for you to dream again.

We are waiting because YOU matter!

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